March 13th 2018

RF United triumph, topping the table!

Sixteen Star's Season III is half way there and seven matched have been played so far. The current table leaders of the league RF United have been able to maintain their position through the past couple of weeks, while Sir Syed and Zaim aren't much behind in points. 

Some commendable football action was showcased last Sunday on the league day as RF United and Zaim maintained their winning spree and managed to consist in the good books of the league. 

The Vikings and Vulcan FC weren't able to join in the league for which they have been fined. If the reasons are doubtful and they are unable to join in after clearing the fine, they will be removed from the league. 

All teams are urged to make sure their players are registered in their team profile online otherwise the stats and record of the awards wont be maintained. 

A fine equivalent to the match fee would be charged if a team hasn't informed five days in advance to skip a match. 

We look forward to getting in more driven action as the league kicks off its second half! 


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