October 9th 2018

Season IV - The Panache!

Leisure Leagues Season IV on KUFF has reached the mid point of its total 14 weeks duration and we have a very clear view of which teams are going to be the contenders for getting a shot at the ISF World Cup 2019! 

A tough fight in underway for the title of the top teams to earn the bragging rights of Season IV Champions. Yesteryear, 24 teams competed in Leisure Leagues Intra City Championship which saw one heck of a showdown put up by each of the contestants. This time around, we hope to get even more participants and the fight is going to be tougher than ever! 

Looking at the current league scenario, Abdul FC has been successfully maintaining its top position in league 1 while Joga Bonito and Glory Days are trying to catch up (this is going to be close!) While in league 2. En Fuego CF can be seen giving a tough time to others however, it wont be that easy as the teams under it look neck to neck with each other clearing the gap for the top spot! 

This is appearing to be 1 tough league this season and the best part is that all teams have shown discipline, sportsmanship and respect for each other which makes it a complete spectacle. We hope to see some good games in the weeks to come. 


Team Leisure Leagues 

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