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Leisure Leagues Season IV
Season IV started off with an impressive roaster consisting of 12 7 aside teams from Karachi. Former 2 times champions Targaryens United along with the likes of Red Devils have joined in the race to become the champions of this season. New comers and the first timers include the likes of Abdul...
Premier league on a brief sabbatical!
Season III Premier league has been put on a brief sabbatical as there have been unwanted operational issues. However, the league is only short of two matches to complete its streak and FC Karachi lead the table with their grand performance throughout the season. Liverpool, however, fall short o...
Targaryens triumph as Liverpool eye to steal the show!
It has been an excellent streak of fixtures so far as Season III of Karachi United Football Foundation comes close to its last three weeks of matches.  The competition has been very tough throughout the league and Targaryens United lead the table while Liverpool, Facade FC and Joga Bonito close...
Targayens United strike back!
Sixth league day happened with an overwhelming enthusiasm here at Karachi United this Saturday night. There have been some very talented highlights up till now as the league progresses. Particularly Raheed from Facade FC, Raziq and a couple more from Liverpool FC and Uxair Wali from Targaryens...
CHAPONESE triumph stealing the top spot!
Season III, Match day 5: Up till now teams have been giving their best shots against each other trying to overcome and fight each other's defenses. It was yet another fine eve as the matches kicked off at Karachi United. The enthralling performers, FACADE F.C. faced ESCOBAR FC who have bee...
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