March 12th 2018

Targaryens triumph as Liverpool eye to steal the show!

It has been an excellent streak of fixtures so far as Season III of Karachi United Football Foundation comes close to its last three weeks of matches.  The competition has been very tough throughout the league and Targaryens United lead the table while Liverpool, Facade FC and Joga Bonito close on points and goal difference. 

Last Saturday night Facade F.C. continued to triumph as they thrashed 6 goals against En Fuego CF. The most noticeable moment of the day was the one when Joga Bonito was struggling at 2 - 0 against Liverpool but astonishingly made a extraordinary comeback defeating Liverpool to settle the final score at 4 - 2. 

Uzair Wali from Targaryens United hauled with 5 goals while Ammar scored 4 as they mercilessly defeated En Fuego CF 11 to 1 in a points match. Uzair and Raheed are also leading the Best Player of the Season board with most won MVP awards. 

Lets see how the dust settles down and whole emerges as the victor in KUFF Premier League which never ceases to surprise! 

See you all on the FIELD next Saturday for more ACTION.


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