August 20th 2018

Leisure Leagues Season IV

Season IV started off with an impressive roaster consisting of 12 7 aside teams from Karachi. Former 2 times champions Targaryens United along with the likes of Red Devils have joined in the race to become the champions of this season. 

New comers and the first timers include the likes of Abdul FC who have been considered as the giants of Karachi in mini sided football; having won a commendable amount of trophies and competitions. Karsaz FC, Futsal United, Glory Days and many more are competing head to head against the best and giving them tough competition so far (at least the league table is getting pretty interesting). 

Not to forget our all time star performers, Joga Bonito and Nabeel FC (previously KDA FC), are also into the arena with all their might and this season surely will be one classic showdown to watch as it progresses. 

Since Eid is coming up, Season IV will be resumed from 1st September on wards and there wont be any matches on the coming Saturday, 25th August. 

On a considerable note, all teams are requested to make sure all of their players are added in their online profiles otherwise records of awards wont be maintained. If any team needs to skip a match, they need to inform the Area Manager (that is me), at least 5 days in advance otherwise match fee would be charged. 

May all of you have a very meaty EID, Enjoy :) 



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