October 9th 2017

Star FC's days of Glory are over!!!!

Round 5 of Leisure Leagues was full of Drama and Upsets.

Star Fc which was considered as unbeatable after their 4 wins in a row was defeated by Super Afghan in a competitive match, which turns many Doubters into believer's that who were criticizing Super Afghan's previous victories as a luck.
in other matches Bendtner11,FC Bayern and Youth Club win their matches.

Noman Baloch of FC Bayern was under the the spot light due to his incredible performance with 1 Goal and 1 Assist for his team.

Discipline of the teams was good overall,we are looking forward that teams will continue to maintain Discipline for the rest of their fixtures.
Hope to see you Guy's in 6th Round of Leisure Leagues on this sunday.

Team Leisure Leagues


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